Typhoon wrapped the September Hong Kong Gem and Jewellery Fair 2018

The show at the AWE was cut short indeed due to super typhoon Mangkhut! It’s been an incredibly fruitful 2018 September Jewellery Fair nonetheless, and this September also marks my 12th year of attending it. Almost ALL vendors of every form flew in, from mine owners, gem dealers, cutters, Gemologist, even packaging and jewelry related machineries - if it’s related to jewelry, they’re there!

I was fortunate to be able to find what my client needed. From the custom cocktail ring project I’m working on in Jadeite to small Rubies in the right sizes that are needed to finish a pair of earrings that were needed right after the show as a wedding gift for my client’s niece. This all important show is the lifeblood of our business and it brings together the very best in the trade of all levels. If you’re in the gems and jewelry business, you’re th had quite a few incredibly last minute trade request this time, which kept me up all night and super early morning schatting with the US, but it was completely  well worth it, as I was able to communicate immediately what I found in the show and report back. From 5 figures South Sea Baroque Pearls, a precious but powerful Brazilian Paraiba, to a few unheated Sapphires and mine direct Aqumarinea for a few private client, so many deals all happened in a matter of those very few packed days! It was truly incredible to be able to jump from major mine direct dealers around the world, to my trade jewelry maker clients almost simultaneously (some minus time zones). HK September show is so important in what we all do, sometimes I wish it’s a bit longer than just a week each side. The super typhoon Mangkhut famously shut us down on the last day at the AWE side, which created much anxiety all through and got lots of visitors and vendors stuck. For me I was so super lucky to have finished fulfilling all my requests in just the nick of time, and STILL able to say hello to everyone and take a look at what new gems are available to present! 

Here are just a few pieces of top quality gems that I picked up for my clients at this show. I’m most proud of the finds and how they make my clients very happy is worth all the hustle! Lol. Enjoy the gems.