Pearly 12 years, Ch. 3-9: London Calling

Let’s just say you gotta be totally addicted to what you do to be an entrepreneur (and slightly nuts). I knew nothing about the world outside of a designer’s desk! I went in for the love of creativity, the quest to create the best, my passion in gems and jewelry, and an undying believe to get to my truth in life. I was searching for pretty much ANY way that allowed me to get my work out. I was hungry, nimble, eager, and desperate to prove my life-altering decision was a great move. My parents backed me, and I switched into full-time Pearly when it got serious. I kicked into gear, and I was determined to make it happen. 

Early 2010s was all about seeking, soul searching, and trying to learn how to make the business work. I was painfully green, naive, and overwhelmed. A shoestring budget forced me to wear every hat. It was by the generosity of friends I got some advice and actual help, so I pushed on a little each day. I sold to friends, consigned, did holiday sales, invited everyone to see my work, and took the random bespoke jobs. I worked like I was on fire! I even went back to NY to do a party; I peddled, hustled... got nada, zip....

In 2008 I reconnected with a friend and she invited me to London. Years later life brought me back regularly and I started to build a life in London. Luck would have it, I stayed at another friend’s place much longer in 2012. I had the time to learn and explore. I studied the market, cold called, showed up, and London opened its arms and began to embrace me. I was suddenly having a great time and started to see where I was heading! I began a double life of manufacturing in Asia, then selling and promoting in London... and no, I still have never been to the Tower of London. I was working!