Pearly 12 years, Ch 4-9: Turning Point

I can’t script this drama up… it was the 2nd last night before I left London while on that big trip, a casual drink and a soul baring convo with my stylist friend Savannah Barthrope yielded a solid contact of a PR /sales showroom. That was the turning point! I called 9AM sharp, banged on their door that afternoon even though she didn’t have time to meet me (I saw her from afar). We sealed the deal over Skype when I returned, and the rest is history. Meet my angel sent Alison Lowe of Felicities, a recently honored MBE that transformed Pearly! Credit’s where credit is due, this super lady was instrumental in shaping the brand, strengthen the line, and putting me on the path from an infantile emerging designer, to a professional powerhouse that is expected in luxury biz. Thank you Ally for changing my life.

With her guidance and clear goals, I shifted into high gear with renewed energy and insights. We launched the brand in London immediately in 2012. The years following, I created a few cohesive signature collections, and presented much stronger work each London Fashion Week. Lupe Castro was the first to write an article on Pearly. I did my front end in London, and flew back to manufacture. For years I ran on adrenaline and worked to the bone. It’s a steep learning curve being in fashion suddenly, and it was a mad rush between shows to produce quality work. I had to design, brand, photograph, write PR, reach stockiest... I slept little and pushed hard every day, hoping to do better with each returning trip to London. Those years with Ally were perhaps my most productive and prolific days as a designer ever. I was blessed to have her on my side and many friends who pointed me in the right direction. I put all of my limited funding into products, and had to learn to do everything else. .
A HUGE thank you my dear friend Annie Lenth for being my editor and biggest emotional support for a decade+. She edited every single piece that went out for nothing, AND cheered me on endlessly. Those crazy years and my background in design helped built a solid foundation of Pearly today, and defined my voice in jewelry. Success is not just hard work, you need angels! These are mine.