Pearly 12 years, Ch 5-9: Getting in the Press

The only way real change can happen, is when you shed your ego and let go of your fear. I finally found that perfect moment and circumstances that allowed me to release control, and began surrounding myself with the pros to take Pearly to another level. Yes, my war chest was tiny, but it paid off big time getting myself into London. I finally was able to access creative talents that could tell my story in images, videos, and my PR helped immensely to begin getting Pearly out there. Marketing and sales weren’t easy for me, it was a LOT of hustle and showing up without much results. I was writing non-stop and I had to define and redefine the brand. I was lucky I ran into great friends that literally stepped in to help (or flat out worked for me for free, Angels). It truly took a village to raise this little Pearly and brought it up to breakneck speed! 
I’d never forget the day my dear FGA friend who randomly saw my name in The Jeweller UK, he called right away, and the next day gave me his copy! I totally forgot about the article as I jumped on to answer their interview questions last minute. I didn’t hear from my PR yet! They featured our Opera Teatro Aventurine and Spinel earrings, and the Let it Go 18k gold bangle (you can see in our Bespoke Portfolio). It meant the WORLD to know what I’ve been making quietly was worth a write up in a respectable TRADE magazine! A bit later, I got this wonderful article on this Crown Jewel Ring on Jewellery Focus Magazine, front n center on the Content page - a dream! The great big 100 carat Amethyst cocktail ring became my signature, and quite an editorial darling with its photogenic mega size. I was surprised to see it styled up so cool and edgy in designer magazines, which expanded my vision as well to embraced by the hip and cool too for “serious” jewelry.
The bottom line is quality is easy to recognize, and exquisites fine natural gemstones will ALWAYS win people’s hearts. It’s built in! From that point forward I went on to create bold, sexy, large and in charge, and unapologetic stylised pieces in all scales. That arching style still rings true today in my Bespoke designs work.