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Pearly Ch 6-9: Tipping point, or just luck...

Majority of what “should” have happened, happened YEARS after. It was tough getting to THIS moment. Maybe it’s the eagerness of the entrepreneur, or the perfectionist in the designer, either way, achieving any kind of success didn’t come easy or quick. My London explorations quickly spilled over to Paris. Through a serendipitous chance I ended up attending Paris Fashion Week with a friend, one night after the show I ran into my NY hero Bill Cunningham (it’s a long story here. I also ended up with a nickname “sweet child” as he fondly called me, which I cherish. I remember meeting him like it was yesterday). “Bill” gave me an invite to the Dries Van Noten party that evening, I brought...

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A Luxury Seed was Born... Probably in Bergdorf

With only 10 days to Christmas and Pearly soon entering its 13th year, I’d like to take the time to reflect and tell you a bit more about the essence of Pearly bespoke. Where I came from, how this all came about... and what is the essence of this little jeweler that can.

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