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Pearly 12 years, Ch. 2-9: Setting up our Hong Kong design studio

2nd year in, I found a humble little office in Central near Sheung Wan, and I began to receive bespoke appointments. This little studio has served as a place of design, a buyer showroom (when I had a collection), and an occasional party pad! An unassuming office meant low overheads, and that has been critical to surviving the multiple lows tides that hit over a decade. I was also able to compete on prices especially when we had high-end limited edition products to wholesale. Pearly is a one-woman show, and it’s been a lean mean smart machine!Bespoke fine jewelry work rolled in soon after we had a home, with a friend’s referral of a lovely Swiss HK couple, I created...

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A Luxury Seed was Born... Probably in Bergdorf

With only 10 days to Christmas and Pearly soon entering its 13th year, I’d like to take the time to reflect and tell you a bit more about the essence of Pearly bespoke. Where I came from, how this all came about... and what is the essence of this little jeweler that can.

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