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Pearly 12 years, Ch 4-9: Turning Point

I can’t script this drama up… it was the 2nd last night before I left London while on that big trip, a casual drink and a soul baring convo with my stylist friend Savannah Barthrope yielded a solid contact of a PR /sales showroom. That was the turning point! I called 9AM sharp, banged on their door that afternoon even though she didn’t have time to meet me (I saw her from afar). We sealed the deal over Skype when I returned, and the rest is history. Meet my angel sent Alison Lowe of Felicities, a recently honored MBE that transformed Pearly! Credit’s where credit is due, this super lady was instrumental in shaping the brand, strengthen the line, and putting me on the path...

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Pearly 12 years, Ch. 3-9: London Calling

Let’s just say you gotta be totally addicted to what you do to be an entrepreneur (and slightly nuts). I knew nothing about the world outside of a designer’s desk! I went in for the love of creativity, the quest to create the best, my passion in gems and jewelry, and an undying believe to get to my truth in life. I was searching for pretty much ANY way that allowed me to get my work out. I was hungry, nimble, eager, and desperate to prove my life-altering decision was a great move. My parents backed me, and I switched into full-time Pearly when it got serious. I kicked into gear, and I was determined to make it happen.  Early...

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A Luxury Seed was Born... Probably in Bergdorf

With only 10 days to Christmas and Pearly soon entering its 13th year, I’d like to take the time to reflect and tell you a bit more about the essence of Pearly bespoke. Where I came from, how this all came about... and what is the essence of this little jeweler that can.

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