Gems to Jewels

Amazing Gems that are ready to become Jewels! Choose from our collection of fine gemstones to begin your bespoke journey. This carefully curated collected took years... as these exquisite beauties are some of the top stones of its kind.

From precious Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphires, to beautiful Aquamarine, Morganites, and Tourmalines we're working Mine to Market with our mine partners for over a decade to bring you the very best gems directly - ensuring ethical sourcing and reliability.

Each of these gems was meticulously cut to perfection in classic and modern shapes, they can even be custom cut to our bespoke designs. With exceptional quality gems, even the simplest design become a masterpiece of nature.

We often have new inventory that comes in and not yet listed here. If you don't see a gem that you're seeking, contact us and we'd be happy to source specially for you.