Aquamarine Pair 6.07cts
Aquamarine Pair 6.07cts

Aquamarine Pair 6.07cts

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Playfully cut in fun Trillion shapes, this stunning pair of strong Aquamarine has got some serious blues. We love this cut for our client favorite earrings that our bespoke fans can't get enough of. Make your own custom pair of wedding earrings in "Something Blue" now in beautiful natural Aquamarines. 

This is a wonderful gemstone of its kind without any treatment, unlike most Aquamarines in the market which uses heat treatment to remove its green color. The Vivid Blue color is 100% mother nature.

The Morganite Earrings are at 8.88 carats, so these will be just a little smaller but quite similar in scale.

Size: 9.9 x 9.9 x 6.5mm

Color: Strong, Sky Blue

Shape: Trillion

Cut: Mixed

Origin: Madagascar

Treatment: None

Certificate: None

This gemstone has been reviewed and approved by our team of gemologists to ensure it meets our high-quality standard. Certification can be acquired upon request for serious buyers. Gemstone viewing service is available in selected cities with COD payment, so you can view the gem prior to purchasing.

To learn about our gemstones and credentials, please visit Pearly Gems.

If you'd like to acquire this gemstone or have us create a bespoke piece, please contact us. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.