Bespoke Process

Our design atelier has been at the same Hong Kong office for almost 13 years! We're so blessed to be chosen to created so many amazing bespoke projects for our clients internationally. From custom engagement rings, graduation gift, first job earrings team cufflinks, to super dreamy one-of-a-kind high jewelry masterpiece, bespoke fine jewelry with mine to market fine gemstone from around the world is the heart of the Pearly stories.

Pearly bespoke

To give you an idea of how we work, here are the few stages that we typically go through. Every project is different of course, and we shape it to the needs and what works best with our clients. 

Initial Planning   

Whether you’re far or near, scheduling a call to tell us what you'd like to create will help get our diamond studded ball rolling! You don't need to know exactly also, that's what we're here for... to guide you through everything you need to know. You can drive, or let us drive too. We've created a quick checklist here for us to begin:
- What do you want to create?
- Is there a deadline?
- What kind of gems / diamonds? Any particular size/carat/shapes?
- What is your budget (ballpark is good)? If you have no idea, we can help.

Quick note on gemstones: Because we're not a store, we need to source and see what's available. Price depends on the exact gem, even in diamonds, so we can't tell you how much something would costs unless we happen to have it or quoted one for another client. Each gem tells a different story in quality and the hands that have been passed from mine to market. We're mine direct on a lot of gems as we're gem dealers for other jewelers too. So you're totally in good hands if you're looking for good quality/value.

We recommend also letting the stone choose you! Nature and fate will show you what's on offer. We have a small selection of gems available for you to choose from in our Gems to Jewels section.

Final prices of a piece can only be estimated when a design is finished and accessed by our craftsmen, but we’d do our best to let you know what’s possible. Your imagination is the limit! There is so much we can do.


Starting the Project   

We start with a consultation fee which is fully redeemable towards the final purchase of the gem and completion of the piece. We begin with $1000 for sourcing particular gemstones, and later $1500 for a basic project or $2000 for a cocktail ring (we can quote you also for others) to begin the design process. This serves to cover our time and cost in case of change of heart or project cancellation.

Gemstones - Once we confirm a gemstone you love, we finalize the purchase and obtain it from our vendor. We stand behind our quality assurance and we will help you under the quality and condition with gemological standards such as lab report certificates if any. 

Design - We will begin by reviewing some loose sketches so we can determine a design direction. Once chosen, we move onto a more solid approach where we'll invite our craftsman to weight in on production methods, issues that may arise, we'll revise the design to give you a more concrete idea how we'll be executing.

Finalizing Design - You have chosen a design and now we fully access the piece prior to production. We begin to source and prices for the gemstones necessary, get a quotation from our workshop for all cost involve. We'll give you a final estimate on the piece, and get gems necessary for the design lined up.


Making the piece

The design has been approved and we're ready to pass it to the workshop! You may choose to pay a 50% deposit if it's over a certain amount or pay in full for a smaller projects. This allows us to purchase the gems necessary to put into the pieces. 

The piece goes into the workshop, which can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months to complete depending on the difficulty of the piece, holidays and our workshop schedule. We'll give you an estimate on the completion date.


Pick up   

The piece is almost completed at the workshop - we have final gold weight, and we know exactly what size sidestones worked and which size melees, we now can calculate an actual final price. Here we'll give you a final invoice for payment. The piece will be released from our workshop once it's paid in full. We'll schedule a time for you to pick up at our design studio, or we'll arrange to have it shipped to you outside of Hong Kong.


Got a question? Or totally ready already? Schedule a quick initial call with us now by email. If you have any questions we can walk you through the rest.