Objet d'Art

Pearly bespoke is a joyous and delightful journey of the heart. Translating her clients’ dreams into objets d’art is central to the story. With a nod to fashion, Pearl pushes the boundaries of style and modernity in traditional custom fine jewellery. With professional service, expert advice and attention to detail, she returns luxury to its roots by creating pieces that are truly personal and extraordinary. Clients are led through an enchanting experience of selecting precious gems, deciding upon styles and personality, and ultimately creating a priceless masterpiece. The thoughtful collaboration with her clients becomes a soulful expression that reflects the beauty and essence of the wearer.

Crafted by the experienced hands of top Hong Kong goldsmiths, some with over 50 years of experience who create pieces for well-known auction houses, these precious­ collector’s pieces by Pearly are genuinely one-of-a-kind that are made with heart, be worn with love, and treasured. The core of Pearly is bringing to life modern heritage pieces that carry remarkable and intimate stories of love, triumph, family and success in a celebration of current and future generations.